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Alex 1 day ago

Quiche Lorraine

We tried many things from the menu and everything was delicious!! The quiche was perfectly made. We felt like we were back at a cafe in France. Everyone who works here is so nice and the experience is always great. Thank you Delice Breton!

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Quiche Lorraine

An absolute classic MUST if you love quiche! This is almost the perfect breakfast food, and it is prepared to perfection. Simple, tasty, fresh ingredients make for a wonderful eating experience. A cup or two of fresh coffee, and your day starts-off really well. Order one ahead, and keep it for breakfast the next morning. The tastes just draw-through well and please the palette.

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Croque Madame

A French Classique! However, Delice Breton uses really excellent ham and just the right amount of cheese that blends so well with a fresh egg, and differentiates it from every other croque madame. The greens take-away any guilt you may have about an otherwise protein-rich lunch. You will never get tired of this sandwich!

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Omelette Nature

Omelettes are nothing really complicated, but to make a really good one takes finesse and a sense of flavors necessary to entice the eater to want more. The Delice Breton omelette is light, tasty, and pairs perfectly with their coffee and pastries. Enjoy!

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Délice Forestier

The combination of buckwheat crepe with mushrooms is a taste treat. The emmental cheese is just enough to accentuate (not overpower) the flavor of the mushrooms. Imagine a nice glass of Pinot Noir with this dish and you have a complete lunch meal. Another tasty treat you must enjoy sitting outside on their patio.

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Délice Chèvre & Miel

The taste sensation of this dish is exquisite! The care with which le chef prepares the dish is obvious from your first look at it to the last taste. That last taste leaves you wanting more and more... Have this with a coffee or a cider - either completes a full taste you will truly enjoy!

Christine 3 days ago

Délice Oeuf Fromage & Jambon de Paris

These are the best crepes you could ever have. You would have to go to Paris to Match the quality of this food.

Kcrawford4 about 1 month ago

Délice Oeuf-Fromage

We drove up form San Diego one Sunday to antique shop in Capistrano and decided to try the restaurant. Wonderful!! Great Food!!! Loved every minute of it.!!! WE tried the omelets, the crepes, chocolate croissants, and several of the items in the small store section. Every single thing was terrify! We have been back twice since then and plan to make it a regular stop on our trips to Los Angeles or just on a Saturday or sunday. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and a delight to chat with, the restaurant is spotless, and everything about it was great. Looking forward to going back quite often. Kathy Crawford.

Horsley42 about 1 month ago

Omelette au jambon & Fromage

After our third visit here, it's time to write a review. We stop here enroute to LA from San Diego for a late breakfast. This bistro is the perfect half way stop and very easy to access from the freeway, on and off. Ample parking too. The menu items are just right. Nice portions prepared to perfection. The essence of European class is in abundance here. The owners ( managers and on board chefs ) are charming, most welcoming and a class act all their own. It is a pure pleasure to come here for breakfast and we make it a point to do so on our frequent runs to LA. The coffee is also outstanding - rich, dark and bottomless and self serve gets it right every time ! Sweets - the sweet crepes are also outstanding. These are just like the crepes I've enjoyed in Paris. I see a steady flow of happy customers which clearly indicates things are being done right here. I must give Delice Breton my highest recommendation ! Authentic French cuisine prepared by French chefs and served in the true French tradition - outstanding ! ! !

Wkane5150 about 1 month ago

Croque Madame

The bechamel sauce was lovely, and the egg was cooked to crispy perfection. It was topped with a light and airy cheese with a fresh side salad. I highly recommend it!

Ejmconnor about 2 months ago

Délice Forestier

The buckwheat crepe of Delice Forestier is surprisingly delicate yet robust and pairs perfectly with the elemental cheese and mushrooms. Potato leak soup was delicious and the croissant was outstanding, but then dessert arrived. Delice Tatin was superb, the blend of flavors sublime. Staff is friendly and efficient. The atmosphere is coffee house comfortable. I'll be coming back, and telling my friends!

Tammie about 2 months ago

Délice Forestier

This cheese and mushroom buckwheat galette was a rich and satisfying midday adventure! The server, Sofia, was delightful and I was encouraged to practice my French. Tres Bien! Can't wait to try the sweet crepes. I'll shall return!

Aneliyad 3 months ago

Délice Épinard & Feta

This place is wonderful! The food tastes delectable and so are the drinks and desserts. The ambiance is very pleasant. The French music, decor and all the friendly French staff make it a complete French gem in south Orange County.

Dianenugent7 3 months ago

Omelette Au Fromage

I am now officially addicted to this wonderful gem hidden away in san juan cap. Current 3 top favorites: Spinach and feta galette (ratatouille in season even better) nb: this is buckwheat ..super For sweet with cafe au lait Crepe citronne ( lemon and sugar) Crepe confiture ( strawberry jam) My husband loves the quiche, sons love the omelettes! Im the crepe fan! 5 star service and truly committed to giving you the best and freshest food experience.

Yinserra 3 months ago

Délice Forestier

Beautiful presentation, delicious buckwheat crepe, perfectly prepared and rich with Swiss cheese and mushrooms. The salad was a perfect accompaniment. The Rose was lovely as well. The ambiance of the bistro is soft, warm and inviting. I highly recommend enjoying the warm hospitality of Jean Michele and the entire Delices Breton team. Bravo!! Yvonne 12/28/19.

Joelhaerr 4 months ago

Quiche Champignon & Fromage Frais

The quiche was delightful! Authentic French cuisine and a friendly staff. Highly recommended if you like a proper galette as well. Only place around here we have found a real buckwheat crepe like they are made in France.

Emssj 6 months ago

Café Au Lait

1st time visit-food was weak-nice ambiance

Joannemaguire 6 months ago

Croissant Aux Amandes

Was the perfect almond croissant. This croissant was so flaky, and buttery. Was delicious with the almond filling. A true French croissant.

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Délice Oeuf-Fromage

I really like this dish too. Substitute goat cheese for the emmental and the treat is even better (I think). The best things about this dish and all of DB's dishes, is that they use the freshest ingredients and prepare them to perfection. They take pride is presenting the best food to their customers, and bring that so well respected flavor of France to our San Juan community.

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Croissant au jambon & Emmental cheese

I have eaten at least 10 of these sandwiches in the last 2 months. You can simply never go wrong with one if you need to grab a quick lunch and get going. The baguette is always fresh, the cheese is just the right amount, and the ham is really tasty. Never a better "ham & cheese!"

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Omelette Forestière

This is my favorite menu item! I really like the mushrooms they choose to use I this omelette. I also enjoy the well-made and light salad dressing on the always fresh greens! The chef knws how to prepare the perfect omelette for my taste, and I hope yours as well!

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Délice De Confiture

Being a HUGE fan of strawberry ever since I was a kid picking them fresh in the field, I have paid attention to the taste of strawberries used in every restaurant dish. I am mostly disappointed, but this organic strawberry jam tastes so good you want to keep eating these crepes! A great cup of their coffee completes a great breakfast, mid-morning snack, or a fine dessert! Enjoy!

Mjnilsson10 2 days ago

Délice Nordique

There isn't a New Your Deli anywhere that can match the taste combination of smoked salmon, chive cream, and onions (not just any onion, but a finely crafted confit!) with a crepe. Sorry, a bagel is just too heavy with fine salmon. Although goat cheese can be easily substituted for the cream, enjoy the original for the experience. This is another taste sensation you MUST try!

Christine 3 days ago


This is the most robust and rich cappuccino you could ever want! I like to have it with a croissant -heavenly!

Eichinose 6 days ago


Excellent croissants! Thank you Jean-Michel for such a wonderful and authentic French croissants & morning pastries! Reminds me of being in n Paris! Especially in this time of home confinement!

Scardozasw about 1 month ago

La Salade de Feta

This is and second time I ordered this salad and I was not disappointed. It was fresh and and delicious.

Michellezekane about 1 month ago

Délice Citronné

What a gem! I had a wonderful crepe (ordered with the gluten-free buckwheat) with just the right amount of lemon and sugar. Organic produce and a non-GMO ingredients. What could be better? Having grown up in Paris, it reminded me of the treats of childhood and visits to Brittany. I can't wait until they open for dinner, too! Thank you so much for your wonderful family restaurant and wishing you great success!

Connor517 about 2 months ago

Délice Forestier

The dessert crepe was one of the best I've ever had. I'm not usually a fan of apples but this definitely has made me evaluate my choices. I had the Delice Forestier for my main course and the buckwheat crepe was a great variation with the mushrooms and cheese. So thrilled San Juan Capistrano has a new French restaurant. I definitely will be back!

Jude about 2 months ago

Omelette Nature

A classic omelette, prepared and presented with elegance. Our espresso was a touch sweet in just the right way! We very much enjoyed our meal on the outdoor patio cushions at this lovely spot in an unassuming plaza among the hills of San Juan Capistrano.

Lisa 2 months ago

La Fraîcheur

Easily one of my favorite salads of all time. It's fresh, tasty, and filling. Perfect flavor combos. 10/10 would recommend!

Jwappamp 3 months ago

Délice Oeuf-Fromage

Having lived in France and worked in Brittany (Quimper) this is the real deal. Nice interior, excellent food, service and CIDER! We were a party of 4 and all enjoyed it. Best galette I've had. We wish you a long and prosperous success.

Karen 3 months ago

Quiche Champignon & Fromage Frais

Everything tasted wonderfully light and loved the salad and dressing. Parfait!

Roshyzand 3 months ago

Délice Forestier

Excellent - I loved it! I will be back to try something different!

Lauraine 5 months ago

Délice Forestier

Really excellent.

Mkimlay 6 months ago

Omelette Aux Tomates

Wonderful food and attentive service! We will return soon...


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