Why Délice Breton?

Lots of our customers have asked us the meaning of "Delice Breton".

Some of you who have learned some French at school will surely remember that Délice is the French noun for "delicious" or "delight". Those who have traveled in France might even have recognized a similarity between Breton, and Bretagne, a beautiful region located in the Northwest corner of France, close to Normandie. Brittany being our home country, it was important for us to include it as part of the name of the restaurant.

So, Délice Breton can simply be translated by "Delight from Brittany." 

Now the tricky part for American people might be the prononciation... So let me help you and click here to hear it!

Be Safe, Stay Healthy,

Jean-Michel (JM) | Co-Owner at Délice Breton