Charlotte, Co-Owner & Chef

Born in beautiful town of vannes located in Brittany, a stunning cultural region in France, Charlotte showed early in her life her ability to make important decisions for herself. Outgoing, witty, funny and extremely thorough in her work, she loves to take on challenges. She has proven in the past already that she has successfully met them!

After extensive experience in the bistro industry, Charlotte is incredible excited to be starting Délice Breton in the beautiful San Juan Capistrano neighborhood of California. Previously, she was the owner and manager of a Wine Bar named "le Verre à l'envers"(english translation : the Glass Upside Down) in the city of Vannes for over four years. This business appeared on the famous "Lonely Planet" tourist guidebook. It was also rated 5 stars on trip Advisor and local rating websites. Even before this business, Charlotte's owned an Organic Farm in Brittany for six years. No need to say that using and cooking organic produces in the kitchen of Délice Breton are crucial and so dear to her heart!


Jean-Michel, Co-Owner

As far back as he can remember, Jean-Michel Ochsenbein has always been passionate about French gastronomy. Born in Brittany and raised by a family for which keeping the breton tradition cuisine alive was crucial, he thus was bathed in the culinary scents cohabiting with one another! No need to say that its gustatory sense awakened since childhood while his brain was engraving the famous breton traditional recipes! 

Charlotte her aunt and the chef in the restaurant kitchen of Délice Breton, had the art and the way of making crêpes and galettes amongst other countless and delicious recipes in front of Jean-Michels' eyes always in wonder! She passed on her passion for cooking on to him. A complicity then set up, which has never left them. Needless to say their partnership at Délice Breton is in perfect harmony! 

Jean-Michel has been living in California for 5 years. His decision to become vegetarian 10 years ago was driven by his desire of reducing his own impact on the planet. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that more and more Californians were attracted to vegetarian and vegan food but also to French cuisine!


Audrey, Master Crepe Maker

When asked why she chose to become a Master Crepe Maker, Ms. Marquier explained: "the role of Master Crepe Maker is more than a passion, I would say that it is the love of my culture and my region that pushed me to do this job. My grandmother who lived in the countryside was making crepes every Friday, it was a ritual. A lot of Breton family used to do the same, but it unfortunately got lost with time. When my grandmother passed away, she left me her "bilig" (the cast iron plate that is used to turn the crepes). I did not know what to do with it, and I did not know how to turn crepes! That summer, I applied for a seasonal job at a restaurant where a friend worked, and it was the owner who gave me the idea to become a Master Crepe Maker, informing me that it was getting more and more rare to find skilled employees, especially to perform the job the traditional Breton way! I thought it was a great idea to continue the tradition of my grandmother and my region, and so I enrolled in one of the top-rated school to fulfill this calling."

Ms. Marquier and her team have been rated the #1 top creperie in her city for a consecutive 3 years and a half due to Ms. Marquier's outstanding work performed at the "Creperie Les Flots," which gave her a chance at the beginning of her career while she had very little experience. She explained: "We opened the restaurant, and it was an immediate success! I then left for a new career opportunity, and this creperie-restaurant is still rated number one! So I have a certain pride to tell myself that I greatly contributed to the success of this creperie when it was first opened in 2007."